October 7th, 2019 | Category: Nikon | Author: Jeff Chu

Lightweight small compact lens that was developed for the compact Nikon EM series.

Two versions of this low-cost variant there is an early black and a little later with chromed ring between focus and aperture ring.

Review: Erline Selking

PLUS: Sharpness, incredibly easy in hand, easy to use and has even the sweetest manual focus ring I've been through. Cheap!

MINUS: It is good for the money, can not give any minus.

"Old Faithful servant" is a bell description of this goding. One of Nikon's older budget lenses that even today can give a photographer a lot of fun and beautiful exposures.

Review: Marcel Arter

PLUS: A small optics that delivers great fine opening at 1.8 that it gets manual on my cameras don't care me because I like to have control over exposure. It seems was better glass pieces in these opticians than the kitglugs that are available and are now sold.

MINUS: Would surely be the lack of AF etc. But as I told me it does not touch

Actually had a Nikon EM with Winder and a 3-4 E-series openings of which one of them was this 50mm 1:1.8 and pulled me to memory how good it was with the DIA movie.

It was so sharp that you almost got the 3D effects. That's why it wasn't hard to decide to hit when it suddenly appeared on Tradera: O) for a few hundred.

Recommend buy it if you do not have it there are many now I have seen and at great price.

Review: Magaly Trible

PLUS: A Fabulous lens for doing close up potrait, its sharp and amazing


Review: Johnny Houseman




PLUS: Sharpness, metal construction, and price.

MINUS: It would well be that not the ordinary without E has.

Got the offer to buy this + other scrap I sold for a trip when I miss this particular brand. On my first system camera a FG20 sat such a lens with brilliant sharpness.

Review: Berry Dantos



Found this lens on Father's old Nikon. Tested for fun to toss on it on my D40x... It worked (manual mode) The light and sharpness is quite outstanding and fun to switch with.

Review: Tim Hennagin

PLUS: Small, inexpensive, easily incredibly sharp.

MINUS: Is single coated unlike Nikkor AI-S 50/1.8.

I know if you need to say something. Nikons 50mm 1:1.8 is of course legendary. This series E variant is smaller and lighter (135gr) than the usual. In its later version with metal ring between focus and aperture ring, it feels OK in quality.

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